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1 6 oz low fat flavored yogurt
Medium dunkaccino
Red velvet donut
2 slices of homemade spicy pizza
Elbow macaroni with melted mozzarella
Small slice pizza
2 meatballs
Brussels sprouts
Piece cornbread
Quinoa salad
2 glasses red wine
1 beer
Sliver of pumpkin pie
Cranberry chocolate chip cookie

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most of a blackberry drinkable yogurt
white rice
veggie chili
2 candy cane oreos
linzer cookie
8 oz grapefruit juice
mint chocolate chip truffle
homemade granola
chicken & broccoli Chinese takeaway
white rice
half of a chocolate chip cranberry cookie (homemade - had to test the experiment)
peppermint jelly beans

Food Log

Nov. 20th, 2012 10:34 pm
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1 6 oz flavored low fat yogurt
thin slice sourdough bread with apple butter
half a plate of lightly dressed arugula, butter lettuce and radicchio
half a boxed lentil curry
brown rice blend
peppermint jelly beans
1 linzer cookie
chicken breast cooked in BBQ sauce, mirin, soy sauce and rice vinegar
kale braised in chicken stock with bacon
white rice
Sam Adams Oktoberfest
2 candy cane oreo type cookies

30 minutes alternating strength training and aerobics

Food log

Nov. 19th, 2012 11:55 pm
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1 6 ounce flavored low-fat yogurt
2 Trader Joe's gingerbread men cookies
Half a box of lentil curry and a scoop of rice
1 White chocolate covered ginger Oreo
Vegetarian shepherd's pie
2 linzer cookies
1 piece jam roly poly

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1 6 oz flavored low fat yogurt
homemade granola
Toasted Muenster cheese sandwich on homemade sourdough
2 candy cane oreo like cookies
licked my fingers while making cinnamon cream cheese icing (and possibly the spatula - I'm only human)
8 peppermint jellybeans
4 slices of homemade pizza (homemade dough, canned sauce, fresh mozzarella - I cut my pizza into 12 slices rather than 8)
2 helpings of lightly dressed arugula (homemade dressing of course)
4 mint M&Ms

Did 1/2 hour of aerobics on the wii fit.


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