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Some days I think that I was meant to be pagan.

I love the spectacle, you see. I love the idea that firespinning can be part of worship, that the song below can be a prayer. I wish that the ritual I grew up with was as homegrown and wild and beautiful. That I could make a Labyrinth for myself, and walk it with a friend to find solace and meaning. A style of worship where no one has to find the answers to make women powerful and full members of the community. Where I can be who I am. A life where sex is magic and magic is real. Where everyone is celebrated. A place where drums call the dawn down.

Instead I have the stilted words of men who did not understand what it was to be a woman. Men who lived so long ago that today's world would be as though they landed on a foreign planet. The prayers of women come from a time where women were still considered less-than, still so profoundly othered.

I grew up feeling a second class citizen in my own religion, and inherited a profound discontent with a religion in which I do my utmost to find what meaning I can. I still believe in the rules, you see. I am bound by rules. there are many aspects of my life when rules make things better. Sometimes I just wish I had had a hand in the writing of them.

That's when I listen to [ profile] s00j's neo-pagan stuff. When I think that those are the songs I was meant to be singing as a child, rather than rote prayers that still make little sense. And the wild pagan goddess creature in me dances and rejoices. I'm not really going to be showing up to any pagan worship anytime soon, or anytime ever. I'll keep carving out a space in the religion that God put me into that can really be mine. But one day, when I am old enough that no one can condemn me for my needs, I will spin fire. I will make beauty. I will knit prayers and love into blankets for babies, and sing songs of wild promise for all around me to hear. My daughters and sons will know that any path that brings them hope and light and happiness is a path to God. I will hope that by then, my own religion will have figured itself out enough that there is beauty and fire and wildness and hope.

Until then, I give you "Firebird's Child."

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On the list of things I never thought I'd do:

- run barefoot down the corridor in Barnard Hall to get a drink during dance class
- sit on the grass near the Low Library (which isn't a library) steps and eat lunch
- drink a mocha in Butler Library's lodge and do Japanese homework
- be admitted to an Ivy League university on my own merit
- embarrass myself in Japanese class at the same university (and recover while blushing)

Some days I look at myself and think "My god I'm amazing."
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While waiting for your new groceries to arrive:

Chop one small onion
Sauté with chopped garlic (a whole bunch) in olive oil (how much oil? enough)
Add 1/2 of the open package of veggie ground in the fridge
Pour in jarred pasta sauce to cover
Let simmer

mushrooms you sautéed last week and never got around to eating
chopped steamed broccoli
splash of open white wine
Let simmer more

Serve over wild rice/mushroom medley that you made at the beginning of the week.

Drink with the raspberry apple juice that came with the groceries.

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Bill Nye helps Rachel Maddow take all those people who deny climate change to task. Also he kind of tears them a scientific new one.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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If you follow my twitter feed, you'll know that I was at the first concert celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The listed artists were as follows:

  • Crosby, Stills, Nash and Friends

  • Paul Simon

  • Simon and Garfunkel

  • Stevie Wonder

  • Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

The guests that were brought in on top of this ranged from James Taylor to Sting to BB King. Everyone was on another list of special guests. Except for the the one last guest that Bruce brought out - Billy Joel.

The concert ran from 7:30 (although I think they started a little late - we got there around 8:15, and CSN was still playing) till 1:30. Each artist played a large selection of their own music, plus a lot of tribute music to other artists in the Hall of Fame.

Coolest (and most touching) moments:

  • James Taylor singing "Love the One You're With"

  • Stevie Wonder breaking down during "The Way You Make Me Feel"

  • Sting all of a sudden appearing on stage with Stevie Wonder and jamming out a gorgeous bass line

  • Bruce describing how New Jersey and Long Island were going to reconnect at the Garden and bringing Billy Joel out on stage

  • Bruce singing "Only the Good Die Young" with Billy Joel

And now it's time to pass out.
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It's hard to sum up how I feel about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. My family doesn't have breast cancer in our medical histories. I have a friend whose mom is a survivor, but that's the sum total of my personal connections to the disease.

And yet I was overwhelmed this year by a flood of feelings, as I was last year. To see survivors who completed the race faster than I did. To see pink placards proclaiming that this person was running in memorial for her mother, or her aunt, or her sister. Looking up and down Central Park West and the race route through the park and seeing runners and walkers of all ages, races and both genders filling my field of vision. All of these things filled me with hope and inspiration and pride.

Because today I did my part to eradicate a disease that by all rights should no longer be here. There is no reason that we can't beat this.

So, while I try not to use this space to stand on a soapbox or shill for a cause, I'm going to ask you one thing. Next year, even if you can't run, support the race. Sponsor a runner. Sleep in for the cure (they actually send you a race number and everything). If you can, walk. Turn the memorial placards into celebration placards. Get us to the point where we still run to remember the bad old days when this disease claimed lives and changed our loved ones. Help run breast cancer out of town.

I find it very amusing that this entry replaces the entry from last year's run in my 20 most recent entries. I have been a bad blogger.
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"Welcome to [ profile] crewgrrl's all night bakery. Can I take your order?"

"Yes, I'm making a sheva brachot. I need challah and a full dessert spread."

"Decorated cookies?"

"Sure. Can I get a mix of sprinkles, fondant, and colored sugar? Also hearts with initials and names."

"No problem. Now, in terms of chocolate, what had you been thinking?"

"A flourless chocolate cake, and some brownies."

"We're doing mint frosting at the moment, that ok?"

"Perfect. I need a couple of chocolate chip cookie type things."

"Cookie bars and actual cookies sound good?"

"Sounds great. Now I need something not chocolate, something with fruit."

"Lemon cake?"

"Yeah, a lemon cake. Think that'll hold me?"

"Should do. Let's see what we've got. 8 midget challahs, 48 rolls, 4 dozen sugar cookies, 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, cookie bars, mint frosted brownies, flourless chocolate cake, and a lemon cake. That what you want?"

"Perfect. When will it be ready?"

"3 am Friday morning."

"Works for me. Thanks so much."

Phone rings.

"Hello, [ profile] crewgrrl's all night bakery. How can I help you?"

"I need a pareve cheesecake and a flourless chocolate cake for a bar mitzvah."

"I think I can fit that in."
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When your last 20 entries span almost a year, you are neglecting your blog.

Now, it's not all my fault. I've been incredibly busy with school, work, and pretending that I have this thing we call a social life. I had three weddings in one month (there went nearly every Sunday in June) I spent a month co-planning both a bachelor and a bachelorette party (both halves of the same couple), planning an inordinate amount of wedding shtick (partly my own work and partly by committee), stressing out over a dress for the above wedding (it showed up half an hour before I had to be at the hall for pictures).

And that was just June!

I forgot to mention the 8 am summer classes that started a week after spring classes had ended, that only ended last week. So there went most of my energy in July. I've also been working a lot, trying to get as many hours as I can before I become a gallivanting traveler for about 2 weeks. Then school again! My life is exhausting just reading about it.

I promise to have more insightful things to say in the future. In the meantime, check my twitter feed (same username) for amusing work stories and my sheer boredom capacity!
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Today was a first. I have never proofread a ketubah for a divorcee before. Part of the standard formula for a ketubah includes the "status" of the bride after her name.* This basically affects how much money she is worth in case the marriage dissolves.

As I said, this was my first divorcee. Lots of first time weddings, who get "virgin" no matter what actually has gone on behind closed doors, and at least one convert, but no divorcees. So I didn't know what the real Aramaic word was. "The artist knows," I hear you cry. Yes, I'm sure the artist knows, but part of my job is to give the piece one final proofread, just in case the artist's proofreader missed something. I'd hate to have someone pay a lot of money for a piece that their rabbi proceeds to invalidate. And thus the internet search began. I found [ profile] hatam_soferet's online text which had it spelled one way, and a transliteration in an article which indicated it was spelled another. In the end I called the rabbi, who approved the spelling that was in the ketubah.

The practical upshot is that I should probably learn more Aramaic so that I can hedge these questions off at the pass. Or I need my very own pet Aramaic expert.**

/ubergeek mode

*I.E. is she a virgin, a divorcee, a widow, a childless widow who DIDN'T marry her brother-in-law...
**[ profile] hatam_soferet's words, not mine
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After reading a few blog con wrap ups, I feel like it's time to post mine.

For a first con, this was absolutely perfect. I mostly got to attend the panels I wanted to, played some great games, and got sucked into techno fandom. The Shabbat aspect was interesting, but as it was in the Rye Town Hilton, which doubles as a Pesach hotel, all the rooms had real keys. I met some great people, mostly all staff and tech crew. I was "technically" on the crew, my official job being "take care of the tech director" ([ profile] mbarr). Making sure he ate, slept and had alcohol at all the right times. I suppose it was a good way to make friends with the important people. Getting a staff ribbon did mean I got an employee discount, so I bought a stiletto knife for my costume. I bought some amusing buttons, and commissioned a pencil sketch portrait of myself.

All in all, it was quite a nice weekend. I got an insane amount of mileage out of my bodice (Threads of Time, standard cloth reversible, Tribal Blade embroidery), and walked around thinking "these are my people." Saw knitters among the fen and chatted about Ravelry. I need to start wearing a Ravelry button with my user ID to places like this, so people can find me again. The crew kept begging me to come to Arisia, but I probably won't be able to afford hotel space, let alone be able to negotiate the time off. But I will see everyone again at next Lunacon!

This was originally going to be a "Bad blogger, no cookie" type post, but I'm over the need for self-flagellation in this respect.
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A thought for those of us who like music that is less... mainstream.

If your favorite band were picked to play the Superbowl Halftime Show, which 4 songs would you hope that they played?

To start us off, I'll open with Gaelic Storm, with following songs:
1. Johnny Tarr
2. Punjab Paddy
3. Courtin' in the Kitchen
4. What's the Rumpus

[ profile] levana_b, you're next!
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I'm finishing things. Knitted things that were left by the wayside when I moved back in with my mom, projects that were boring, things that didn't exactly bore me but got dropped when something more interesting came along, and things that just had that last little bit to finish.

To date, these items include:
~ A feather and fan lace scarf knit out of 100% alpaca
~ My purple coat, which will be the perfect late winter early spring coat and is just too pretty for words
~ The pieces of my Booga Bag, which still need to be felted
~ My felted clogs, where I still need to finish 1 more outer sole and join it to the rest of the clog (also will need to be felted)
~ My blue and purple ribbed cardigan, where I am almost done with the back and have one front left to knit, plus putting it together and doing a button band

So there is definitely a felting party in my future, as I also knit up the Satchel pattern from Knitty. I had a TON of leftover worsted weight feltable wool and wanted to make a bag that I could use with my new knitted coat. As many of you have seen, I live out of messenger bags. I need a bag that can hold my MacBook, my iPod, my cell phone, my wallet, often a pair of shoes, and at least one small knitting project. I also like having a small inner pocket where I keep said wallet, keys, and small things that I don't want to have to root around in the bottom of the bag for. Lately, you may find a pack of cigarettes in there as well, but you will have to forgive me my coping mechanisms. Speaking of coping mechanisms, chocolate from Australia is a wonderful mood elevator. A big bag also helps keep me from traveling like a Bedouin and stick to my 2 bag limit when I go anywhere.

I am also slogging along on a mistake rib scarf that was meant to be given as a thank you gift quite some time ago. And, of course, there is the wedding afghift. Due to the crazy that exploded in my brain last week, I haven't worked on it since then, as it is in one of its insanely complicated phases right now.

So there it is, my long overdue knitting update. Yes, I'm still knitting. Yes, I'm still enjoying it, even as it frustrates me. And of course it still makes me feel way proud to say "I made it myself."
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History. And I watched it happen.

Congratulations, Mr. President. Let's hope you are what this country needs.
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, crewgrrl sent to me...
Twelve jonahranks drumming
Eleven superducky1s piping
Ten lonebears a-reading
Nine trempnvts acting
Eight skywalker363s a-knitting
Seven masteralephs a-singing
Six mbarrs a-dancing
Five audi-i-i-iobooks
Four webcomics
Three concerts
Two graphic novels
...and a pratchett in a crewgrrl.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Ok, now who's laughing at 8, 7, and 6?
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To marvel at Japanese engineering.

As all of you in blogland know, I have a MacBook. It was a replacement for a 4 year old Dell Inspiron 1000 (a model that is no longer in production so that should tell you something) that was one reformat away from doorstop status. And when I purchased it, there seemed to be only one drawback - 2 USB ports instead of 3 (I'm honestly not kidding here, there was almost nothing to dissuade me from buying this pretty).

And then I saw a charming little item for purchase at ThinkGeek - a USB squid!

Peek under the cut for image so as not to wreck your friend's page )

This is a 4 port USB hub that allows each of the ports to go it's own merry way, much like its big brother, the Power Squid. So, if your printer requires a dedicated USB, but by spatial necessity needs to sit on the opposite side of your computer from the rest of your toys that plug in via USB you now have no problem.

For those of you who are frequent tech buyers, you know that the not so fun part of purchasing new shiny things is the clamshell plastic packaging. While it acts as a marvelous theft deterrent, it is almost impossible to open once you have gotten it home. All the scissors in the world will not saw open these seemingly impenetrable monstrosities. So I was prepared for one of these upon the arrival of my new toy. Instead, I had quite the nice surprise.

the marvel )

The package was made in one, easily opened piece! No cut, not puncture wounds, no struggle with all powerful plastic!

Trust the Japanese to come up with sensible packaging, long before Americans ever will.
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"Live in Teaneck, make money, send money, feel guilty." - Menachem Leibtag (attributed)

The above question was an answer given to a student who asked his teacher what he should do if he didn't feel that he could hack it in Israel. But it seems like anyone can make it there these days. Providing, of course, that they don't really live there.

My brother coined a new phrase - "Aliyah lite." (For those unfamiliar with the Hebrew, Aliyah means immigrating to Israel.) He plans to do this one day himself. He want to move to Israel, live in an American (or just Anglo) community, visit America every summer (to make money), and avoid most of Israeli society. He wants his children to speak Hebrew, to spend shekels instead of dollars, but god forbid they should actually be Israeli. God forbid they join the army (especially the girls).

I can't decide which is worse - people like this or Americans who leave the best Jerusalem real estate vacant 80% of the year. Those are people who buy big expensive apartments in very nice neighborhoods, visit them three times a year, and leave them vacant the rest of the time. They drive up the cost of real estate so that native Israelis are having difficulty getting apartments.

What do we see Israel as? A nice vacation spot, but I wouldn't want to live there? Someplace to take advantage of when it suits us and leave behind when it doesn't? Or do we see it as a country, with it's own society, ethics and values. A country like any other. And when you pick up and move to another country, you LIVE there. You're not just visiting.

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Amar [ profile] crewgrrl b'shem [ profile] levana_b b'shem [ profile] mellifluous_ink


a) Tell you why I friended you.
b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you.
e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you
f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list
g) In return, you need to post this on your own


Sep. 14th, 2008 11:47 am
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Today I helped women all over the world.

Today I helped save second base.

Today I ran and walked.

Today I raced for a cure.

Today I learned that disease has no racial prejudices and doesn't care how rich you are.

Today I looked ahead and behind me and saw hope, as far as I could see.

Next year, I hope you can say the same thing.
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I get to see Inigo Montoya play Prospero in a few weeks. I wonder who's playing Ariel?
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The final [ profile] crewgrrl Bakery Tally is as follows:

48 small loaves of challah
110 rolls (give or take)
2 pans lemon bars
2 pans apricot almond bars
2 batches pinwheel cookies (half raspberry and half apricot)
2 pans raspberry bars
2 pans of everything but the kitchen sink brownies (that's not their real name, they just have everything you could imagine putting into brownies - save nuts - in them)
1 East 67th St lemon cake
1 Kahlua cake (with no Kahlua)
5 dozen or so sugar cookies (with 2 unbaked batches of dough still refrigerated)
1 batch chocolate chip cookies
2 brownie tarts
2 flourless chocolate cakes
1 Peanut Butter Mousse cake

I think I baked enough to supply a very small bakery for 2 days


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