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After reading a few blog con wrap ups, I feel like it's time to post mine.

For a first con, this was absolutely perfect. I mostly got to attend the panels I wanted to, played some great games, and got sucked into techno fandom. The Shabbat aspect was interesting, but as it was in the Rye Town Hilton, which doubles as a Pesach hotel, all the rooms had real keys. I met some great people, mostly all staff and tech crew. I was "technically" on the crew, my official job being "take care of the tech director" ([ profile] mbarr). Making sure he ate, slept and had alcohol at all the right times. I suppose it was a good way to make friends with the important people. Getting a staff ribbon did mean I got an employee discount, so I bought a stiletto knife for my costume. I bought some amusing buttons, and commissioned a pencil sketch portrait of myself.

All in all, it was quite a nice weekend. I got an insane amount of mileage out of my bodice (Threads of Time, standard cloth reversible, Tribal Blade embroidery), and walked around thinking "these are my people." Saw knitters among the fen and chatted about Ravelry. I need to start wearing a Ravelry button with my user ID to places like this, so people can find me again. The crew kept begging me to come to Arisia, but I probably won't be able to afford hotel space, let alone be able to negotiate the time off. But I will see everyone again at next Lunacon!

This was originally going to be a "Bad blogger, no cookie" type post, but I'm over the need for self-flagellation in this respect.


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