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A public non-knitting post? How odd...

At any rate, for those of you who don't know, in 9 days I board a plane bound for the Holy Land. I have made certain purchases to ready myself for the trip, namely solid colored t-shirts and shorts and capris that actually fit (also, the shorts are khaki, not mesh or cotton athletic). I have also purchased this digital camera (the s630). I have also procured a 2GB memory card for the thing, and am going to invest in good batteries. I am also borrowing [ profile] skywalker363's brother's iPod wall charger thing that already has an Israeli plug.

Now comes the question. Being as the camera runs on batteries, and I can charge the iPod from the wall, do I really need to bring my laptop to Israel with me? In approximately 7 days of picture taking, will I take enough pictures to fill a 2GB memory card?

The pros and cons that I have been able to think of:

- I will be able to blog the trip as I go
- I definitely won't run out of space for pictures
- I will be able to keep up with my podcasts (ok, this is a stupid one)
- I don't know if the apartment we are renting has internet - but I have a good wireless card and will be able to stay connected for free the entire trip
- This means that my mom will be able to check her email, which equals a less cranky mom
- Also I will be able to stay connected with the rest of the world

- It isn't light
- It isn't entirely necessary
- It is a hurt baby already and I don't want travel to finish the job of killing it
- It is one more electronic thing to worry about
- I will have a cell phone, so it's not like I'm unreachable

Your thoughts?

Note - this is cross posted to Facebook. People who see it there should feel free to put in their 2 cents.

PS - I couldn't leave you without something - look for the iPod sock that I am knitting to be finished soon!


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