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It's hard to sum up how I feel about the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. My family doesn't have breast cancer in our medical histories. I have a friend whose mom is a survivor, but that's the sum total of my personal connections to the disease.

And yet I was overwhelmed this year by a flood of feelings, as I was last year. To see survivors who completed the race faster than I did. To see pink placards proclaiming that this person was running in memorial for her mother, or her aunt, or her sister. Looking up and down Central Park West and the race route through the park and seeing runners and walkers of all ages, races and both genders filling my field of vision. All of these things filled me with hope and inspiration and pride.

Because today I did my part to eradicate a disease that by all rights should no longer be here. There is no reason that we can't beat this.

So, while I try not to use this space to stand on a soapbox or shill for a cause, I'm going to ask you one thing. Next year, even if you can't run, support the race. Sponsor a runner. Sleep in for the cure (they actually send you a race number and everything). If you can, walk. Turn the memorial placards into celebration placards. Get us to the point where we still run to remember the bad old days when this disease claimed lives and changed our loved ones. Help run breast cancer out of town.

I find it very amusing that this entry replaces the entry from last year's run in my 20 most recent entries. I have been a bad blogger.


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