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...And I'm back.

Now that the dust has settled from the chagim, and my helter skelter traveling and craziness has almost stopped for a while, I've been itching to get back to the blog.

For the knitting lurkers drawn here from the now seemingly defunct Stalking Lime and Violet webring or ravelry, please note that I have been knitting. I finished a sleeve for the boring cardigan, and am on the cap shaping for the other (the back is still only around 10.5 inches long, though). I am at the toe of my first Jaywalker sock, but since I'm switching to a different yarn for the toe, I'm not so sure how best to do it. I have almost finished a pair of Fiber Trends clogs. My gypsy shawl is crawling along, and my booga bag awaits an i-cord. My Israel socks are in hibernation until I get more of the yarn. This is not going to be easy - it's discontinued. I also have at least one holiday project on the needles. I believe that's it for the active projects.

If you're here because you trace the angst of my life, my relationships, my job, etc, go somewhere else to get your prurient kicks! Seriously though, my life's been going very swimmingly (I have always loved that adverb) at present. Spent last weekend at UPenn with [ profile] skywalker363, [ profile] levana_b, [ profile] a_jewfro and [ profile] cynara_linnaea. I actually took a Friday off (GASP) and really had a nice time going to [ profile] cynara_linnaea's apartment for lunch. It's the fourth place I've ever been to in Philadelphia. The first is, obviously, UPenn, the second is this vegetarian Chinese place I went to on my first visit, and the third is this art supply store. My last few visits have mostly been to the campus. It was nice to actually USE my guest pass.

That's mostly it for now. I promise I'll try to update more often now that things are calmer!


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