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1 6 oz low fat flavored yogurt
Medium dunkaccino
Red velvet donut
2 slices of homemade spicy pizza
Elbow macaroni with melted mozzarella
Small slice pizza
2 meatballs
Brussels sprouts
Piece cornbread
Quinoa salad
2 glasses red wine
1 beer
Sliver of pumpkin pie
Cranberry chocolate chip cookie

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most of a blackberry drinkable yogurt
white rice
veggie chili
2 candy cane oreos
linzer cookie
8 oz grapefruit juice
mint chocolate chip truffle
homemade granola
chicken & broccoli Chinese takeaway
white rice
half of a chocolate chip cranberry cookie (homemade - had to test the experiment)
peppermint jelly beans

Food Log

Nov. 20th, 2012 10:34 pm
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1 6 oz flavored low fat yogurt
thin slice sourdough bread with apple butter
half a plate of lightly dressed arugula, butter lettuce and radicchio
half a boxed lentil curry
brown rice blend
peppermint jelly beans
1 linzer cookie
chicken breast cooked in BBQ sauce, mirin, soy sauce and rice vinegar
kale braised in chicken stock with bacon
white rice
Sam Adams Oktoberfest
2 candy cane oreo type cookies

30 minutes alternating strength training and aerobics

Food log

Nov. 19th, 2012 11:55 pm
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1 6 ounce flavored low-fat yogurt
2 Trader Joe's gingerbread men cookies
Half a box of lentil curry and a scoop of rice
1 White chocolate covered ginger Oreo
Vegetarian shepherd's pie
2 linzer cookies
1 piece jam roly poly

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1 6 oz flavored low fat yogurt
homemade granola
Toasted Muenster cheese sandwich on homemade sourdough
2 candy cane oreo like cookies
licked my fingers while making cinnamon cream cheese icing (and possibly the spatula - I'm only human)
8 peppermint jellybeans
4 slices of homemade pizza (homemade dough, canned sauce, fresh mozzarella - I cut my pizza into 12 slices rather than 8)
2 helpings of lightly dressed arugula (homemade dressing of course)
4 mint M&Ms

Did 1/2 hour of aerobics on the wii fit.


Sep. 18th, 2012 11:27 pm
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First batch of apple/pear sauce is in the ginormous pot on the stove. Have to make one big batch of peach-lime jam to last into the winter, as well as one more batch of cucumber pickles. Pesto shall be hoarded, applied sparingly. Oven dried tomatoes will be added to mozzarella sandwiches to remind me of summer.
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I have made pesto three times. Today I oven-dried tomatoes. I also put up my third batch of cucumber pickles.

I've been making chocolate zucchini bread to use up all the zucchini the CSA keeps throwing at us.

I'm trying to capture the magic of summer in things that can live in my refrigerator. Fall is coming soon, and then we make apple butter and apple sauce and roast squashes. But now is bright summer - the taste of ripe tomatoes, anisey basil and fresh mozzarella.
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Eaten by the family [ profile] crewgrrl (recipes linked when possible):

- Parker House Rolls*
- Stuffed mushrooms (half with a plain mushroom stuffing, half with a chicken sausage, spinach and mushroom stuffing)*
- Vaguely Asian salad (romaine lettuce, scallions, mandarin oranges and slivered almonds with sweet dressing)*
- Stuffing
- Cranberry Relish (the secret is Triple Sec)
- Cranberry sauce out of the can (it isn't Thanksgiving without this and gentile gravy)
- Brussels Sprout Hash with caramelized shallots*
- Turkey
- Gentile gravy (this is proper gravy, with turkey stock and pan juices and a roux and everything. Normally we just use pan juices and call that gravy)
- Mashed potatoes (with roasted garlic)
- Mashed sweet potatoes (with cinnamon and brown sugar)
- Dutch apple pie*
- Pumpkin pie*
- Chocolate mint cookies with white chocolate chips (also regular ones)*
- Whipped non-dairy sweetened chemical equivalent (as usual, we looked for it in a can and we didn't find it)

Mom's turkey is always amazing, potatoes were filled with starchy goodness. Taking raw chicken sausage out of the links and browning it for stuffing was a novel experience. Never having grown up eating sprouts of any kind, I am always amazed by how much I like the mini-cabbages. Also, I make amazing pie.

*Made entirely by me! Looking at this list, I made about half of Thanksgiving all by myself. Go me!


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