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The final [ profile] crewgrrl Bakery Tally is as follows:

48 small loaves of challah
110 rolls (give or take)
2 pans lemon bars
2 pans apricot almond bars
2 batches pinwheel cookies (half raspberry and half apricot)
2 pans raspberry bars
2 pans of everything but the kitchen sink brownies (that's not their real name, they just have everything you could imagine putting into brownies - save nuts - in them)
1 East 67th St lemon cake
1 Kahlua cake (with no Kahlua)
5 dozen or so sugar cookies (with 2 unbaked batches of dough still refrigerated)
1 batch chocolate chip cookies
2 brownie tarts
2 flourless chocolate cakes
1 Peanut Butter Mousse cake

I think I baked enough to supply a very small bakery for 2 days
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My night consisted of the following:

2 batches of bread machine challah totaling 16 small loaves (8 of them have a touch of splenda in them because we ran out of sugar).

1 double batch of sugar cookies (done in between the challah)

3 and a half episodes of Doctor Who (end of second season)

Why am I still awake?

You can be sure that there is no way in hell I am walking tomorrow.


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