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Last night, I shlepped all the way out to Park Slope. Considering how Brooklyn-phobic I am, why did I brave the 3 subway (1 to B to F) hour long trip?

For this woman. She is clever, witty, charming, Canadian and the first person to validate my lack of project monogamy. Her name is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, but we call her the Yarn Harlot (though I am told her friends and family usually call her Steph). She blogs, teaches, and write knitting books, but not the kind with patterns in them (except for this one). The books she writes are funny, touching and true, and knitters can't help but crack up every third page. Currently, she is touring with her 7th book.

In the downstairs of the Barnes and Noble in Park Slope, she tried something new with this book tour. She actually read selections from the book! Apparently this is something new, as she normally talks about other things on her book tours. This seems to have something to do with something we all have noticed - that when you slap the word "knitting" onto something, it becomes somehow less real. Never mind that this woman is a NYTimes bestselling author, since she writes knitting books she can't be worth listening to. I have experienced this phenomena firsthand.

After reading from the book, she did a bit of Q&A. I asked her how unreasonable the Christmas list was, to which she replied "and I thought you were a nice lady!" The conversation ran all over the place, drifting to the Zombie Apocalypse (as these things inevitably do) and knitting with kevlar/wool fiber and how valuable knitters will be. Afterwords, there was a book signing. I brought up both the beret I was working on and my camera with a very special picture on it. I showed her the picture I have of Neil Gaiman holding my sock. She then proceeded to take a picture of me holding my camera with the picture of Neil holding my sock (and posted it on her blog!), and I took a picture of her holding my beret. She now lives on the memory card with Neil. I'm starting a collection.

So yeah, this was worth the shlep :)

Looks like I am behind on things:

Date: 2011-10-18 06:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I didn't know about Neil Gaiman and the sock.

Date: 2011-10-18 07:03 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
grmmmgrmmgrmm! I wish I could have been there- silly pregnancy related insomnia and even more silly work related stupidity!


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